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Perth Sun 6th Nov 2022
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Suzi Quatro is the undisputable Queen of rock and roll. Following on from her April sold-out show at London’s Royal Albert Hall, where she received nothing short of outstanding reviews, she is running hotter than ever and is heading to Australia to headline By The C and One Electric Day. Her show promises to be pedal to the floor jam-packed with hits, powerhouse vocals and unbridled energy. After selling over 55-million records (and counting), Suzi is pure rock royalty and every show is an unforgettable experience.

After getting her start in garage and hard rock bands, 1973's breakthrough single Can the Can, made her an international star. She followed up with a string of singles and albums -- and her role in the hit sitcom Happy Days -- before scoring a hit with the 1978 ballad Stumblin' In. While her work in the future would encompass everything from new wave pop on 1983's Main Attraction to starring in a musical, Quatro never lost her instincts as a rocker, as evidenced by albums like 2006's Back to the Drive and 2021's The Devil in Me.


Noiseworks provided the soundtrack to every big night in the 1980's, with rock anthems No Lies, Take Me Back, Hot Chilli Woman, Touch, and countless others. Get ready to rock as the original members reform to honour the memory of their co-founder and guitarist, the late, great, Stuart ‘Chet’ Fraser. Jon Stevens, Steve Balbi, Kevin Nicol and Justin Stanley will be joined by very special guest, Jack Jones on guitar and vocals. With the release of their new 2022 album along with all their legendary hits, Noiseworks will reignite a passion for rock n roll!


When it comes to great Aussie rock, it doesn’t come much better than The Angels. It’s been almost five decades since brothers Rick and John Brewster co-founded the iconic band and have penned some of Australia’s most anthemic tracks. The Angels are widely reputed for their killer live shows. With hits like Long Line, Marseille, Be With You, After the Rain, Shadow Boxer, and Mr Damage to name a few.

Rick and John Brewster, The Angels guitarists, co-founders and its most prolific songwriters, have seen lineups change and the band’s musical styles rearrange, but through it all, they’ve maintained the pure Australian rock guitar sound that’s driven The Angels most legendary songs. All the hard work has paid off. The Angels are now widely known as the best live rock band in Australia today.


Baby Animals burst onto the Australian scene in the 1990s with a solid rock force and a sassy lead singer. Suze DeMarchi proved that girls rock just as hard as guys and the Baby Animals soon kicked some impressive rock butt with hits such as Rush You, Early Warning, and One Word. The band scored themselves ARIA awards for best album and toured the globe.

September 1991 saw the band release their much anticipated, self-titled debut album which went on to sell 600,000 copies in Australia (reaching 8x Platinum) and remained at No. 1 for six weeks. For more than 20 years it enjoyed the title of highest-selling debut Australian rock album.


Aussie rock doesn’t get much more powerful than The Screaming Jets. With a swag of hits such as Better, Helping Hand, Sad Song, October Grey, and Come On under their belt, The Screaming Jets are renowned for their pumpin’ live performances. This year, they also celebrate the 30th anniversary of their iconic release All For One.

In 1990 five blokes from Newcastle called The Screaming Jets took the Aussie music scene by the scruff of the neck and gave a red hot shake. Before they had even signed their first record deal with rooArt Records, the Screaming Jets had already clocked up more than 200 live shows, won the ‘Triple J Battle Of The Bands’ competition and established themselves as an onstage, no holds barred, powerhouse of Aussie rock n roll.


Chocolate Starfish are the epitome of a concert party! Fronted by the enigmatic Adam Thompson, the band is known for their high-energy live performances. With songs like Four Letter Word, Mountain, and You’re So Vain, Chocolate Starfish powered onto the Australian music scene in the 1990s and quickly secured themselves a space as an influential force. They produced two Top 10 albums and six Top 50 singles. Chocolate Starfish was a band that never fitted the mould. They were loud, brash, a bit tongue-in-cheek... and, above all else, a band that always delivered.